Contractors Surety

As a contractor, are you receiving the level of service or the bonding capacity you deserve?

Perhaps your bonding agent is a true professional delivering top quality service and an ample bond program, however, many contractors have fallen prey to the volatile insurance market regardless.  Bonding companies constantly change underwriting philosophies and some  have discontinued their contract bond divisions altogether.  Contractors need an agent who can adapt to the changing pace of the surety marketplace.      

This business is about building relationships and working hard to maintain them.  We represent only the best surety companies nationwide and our agents are committed professionals active in prestigious organizations like the National Association of Surety Bond Producers

Excellence is mandatory at Boley-Featherston Insurance and we invite you to contact us and talk to a bonding agent who truly knows the business so you can enjoy the benefits that our customers have for years. 

Serving Large and Small contractors alike...

Whether you are just starting out in business or have enjoyed success for many years, we serve quality contractors of all sizes.   

Boley-Featherston has been active in the construction and surety industries since the agency's founding in 1925, serving over 200 clients in all parts of Texas, Southern Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana. Our having 80 years of experience in the surety industry gives our customers confidence and a piece of mind that their needs are being handled in the most professional manner.

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