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The right insurance coverage can save you and your family from financial ruin.  In the event of a catastrophic illness or injury to yourself, a family member, or one of your employees, a major medical plan is the first line of defense to cover the majority of your healthcare expenses at the hospital.

If you or one of your employees were to lose the ability to continue working, a comprehensive disability policy is the second line of defense and would provide continued income to pay mortgage payments, utilities, and to put food on the table.

Finally, there are other ways to put money back in your pocket through an AFLAC product that would also bridge the gap if or when you are able to work again.

Are you protected in these ways?  If not, our benefits team at Boley Featherston can customize a benefits program to protect your business, and if you have employees, to protect them as well.  A comprehensive dental and vision plan are two more ways to ensure your teeth and eye health are covered as well.

We have self-service links to run individual quotes, or we can run those quotes for you on an individual or group basis.  Our carriers are all A rated and provide excellent coverage for all of your needs and to fit your budget. To request a customized quote for yourself or your business, please contact Tom Wilson at 940-397-2717 or email Tom.


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